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Makes an iTunes style coverflow on an Orchard CMS site from a selected collection of images in the Media Library.

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest package, install and enable it on an Orchard CMS instance.
  2. Add a coverflow part to a content type or add it as a widget.
  3. Add images to the media library, organized into folders to use as categories if desired.
  4. Choose the source folder and configure the coverflow options from the robust administration console available in the part or widget settings.

Setting Up Media

To add the images use the Media section of the Orchard Admin and create a folder for the covers to reside in.  Place the images for the covers inside the folder. The format of the image name dictates the order of the cover as well as the title. An underscore in the filename can be provided to create a title and subtitle.

ex: 07-Abbey-Road_The-Beatles.png

In the above example the “07” gives us the order of the cover as it will appear on the carousel.  The title will be formatted from “Abbey-Road_The-Beatles” and resolves to the title "Abbey Road" and the subtitle "The Beatles".

Create a sub directory under your original folder to create categories for your covers.  The name of the folders will dictate the order of the category as it will appear in the menu and its tile as well. Be sure and turn on categories in the administration console as well.

ex: 05-Class-Rock

This category will show up 2nd in the menu and have the link text of "Classic Rock".



The Orchard Coverflow is built using jQuery UI Coverflow, an open source jQuery project also created by Planet Telex.

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